Karl Kinsella

Karl Kinsella

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Username * FarDays
Country * Ireland
City Dublin
Nationality Irish


Current Position Artist;Writer / Editor
Areas of Expertise Publishing InternetPublishing Print
Preferred Tools IllustrationPainterPhotoshopEditingIllustratorArt Rage 2Sketchbook ProLightwave 3D


Availability: student


I'm about to start a degree in Art History and Theology in Trinity, as a mature student. Yuck! I hate that word mature, but thats what I am, and I can't help it.
I'm relatively new to the digital world, brought by a happy accident involving money, spare hours and a copy of ImagineFX. That was about 3 months ago (Jun 06) and since then I have bought a Wacom and it's being put to good use...well...use anyway.
I'm completely self-taught and it shows, but I enjoy making the happy accidents that come with free range teaching. Altogether I've been drawing for about 5 years, painting for about 2 and messing about all that time.


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